Antonio Morone (Pavia), Sub-Saharan migrants in contemporary Libya: containment policies and international relations (With LIMS). Discussant Marlou Schrover (History, Leiden).

11 December 2017, 3.30-5 pm,  Huizinga Building, Conference Room 2.60

Over the past three decades Libya has been a ‘laboratory’ for the European and especially Italian migration policies. The 1990s have been characterized by two conflicting tendencies in Libya: on the one hand, the policies of the Qadhafi regime characterized by an open-door policy towards the influx of low-cost labor from sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab countries; on the other hand, the containment policies put in place by Italy to halt illegal migratory flows through the Mediterranean Sea, which were however an infinitely small proportion of the total number of migrants in Libya. Italian-Libyan bilateral relations were thus heavily characterized by the restrictions Libya imposed over the migratory flows, which Italy exchanged with its commitment to support the end of the international embargo on Libya and its readmission to the international community. With the collapse of the regime in 2011 and the beginning of the civil war, a new phase opened up in which the very distinction between legal and illegal migrants has progressively lost meaning, inasmuch as the weakness, if not the actual disintegration of Libyan institutions, has led informality to prevail over the rule of law. Italy and, increasingly, the rest of Europe have continued to exert a series of direct and indirect pressures on the new Libyan authorities, with the aim of reaffirming the policies of migratory containment, but political instability and the persistence of conflict have strongly compromised the effectiveness of this attempt, urging rather a further externalization of containment policies (and European borders) to other African countries to the south of Libya, from which migrants leave or transit. The presentation aims at analyzing the policies of containment, detainment and deportation of sub-Saharan migrants in the framework of international relations between Italy and Libya. Specific attention is devoted to discuss the role of the colonial and postcolonial history in the bargaining between Italy and Libya on the migration issue.

Antonio M. Morone is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, Pavia University, Italy, where he teaches Colonial and Postcolonial African History. His publications are related mainly to the contemporary history of Somalia and Libya. He was recently visiting scholar at the University of al Manar, Tunisia, and the University of Tripoli, Libya.

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Workshop on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Dear Student,
The Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS) of the University of Amsterdam invites you to take part in an intensive workshop on negotiation and conflict resolution from 10-17 January 2018 (excluding Saturday and Sunday). The Workshop combines skill building with the development of analytic skills in a ‘hands-on’ format following what is sometimes called the ‘Harvard method’ of negotiation.
The Workshop will be taught by David Laws of the University of Amsterdam and John Forester of Cornell University together with various guest lecturers.
Please note: Only a limited number of places are open to students from outside the GSSS. Registration deadline is 10 December 2017.

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Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS)

Van Slingelandtlezing op 12 oktober in de Eerste Kamer der Staten- Generaal te Den Haag

Op donderdag 12 oktober 2017 om 16.30 uur organiseert de Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde de jaarlijkse Van Slingelandtlezing in de Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal te Den Haag.

 De Van Slingelandtlezing wordt verzorgd door een prominent denker en/of practitioner op het terrein van het openbaar bestuur, dit jaar door (demissionair) minister dr. Jet Bussemaker.

 ‘Emancipatie is geen stok om mee te slaan’.

 Het co-referaat wordt verzorgd door prof.dr. Marieke van den Brink.

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De macht van de meritocraten- Symposium en presentatie van twee nieuwe boeken

Op maandag 3 juli is de feestelijke presentatie van twee nieuwe internationale boeken over de opmars van hoog opgeleide professionals in de wereld van politiek en bestuur.

Tijdens het symposium zullen beide boeken worden gepresenteerd. Vervolgens zullen enkele politieke experts ingaan op vragen als: Hoe erg is deze toenemende meritocratisering van de politiek eigenlijk? Hoe groot is het gevaar van scheve politieke agenda’s, en van een overheid waar grote delen van de bevolking zich niet mee kan identificeren? En hoe moet de democratie opnieuw worden terug gewonnen op de technocratie?

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Book launch: Changing US Foreign Policy toward India

The Research Group on Diplomacy and Global Affairs will host a book launch of Dr. Carina van de Wetering’s new monograph “Changing US Foreign Policy toward India: US-India Relations since the Cold War”, which has recently been published by Palgrave Macmillan. The event will take place in Wijnhaven 3.46 on May 17 at 11:15-12:45.

You can find more detailed information is available here.

Exchanges on the Middle East: Heritage and Citizenship | Thursday May 10

We are excited to invite you to an evening of presentations and discussion on “Heritage for Citizenship in Times of Conflict” the first Exchanges on the Middle East event co-organized by Leiden University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Three international experts with a background in academia, policy and ngo, Amr al-Azm, May al-Ibrashy and Cynthia Schneider, will discuss how heritage management is or can be used to foster citizenship and social cohesion in post-conflict situations in the Middle East.

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Lecture: Security Governance ‘of the People, by the People, for the People’: Auxiliary Forces in Civil War on 5 April

On 5 April Dr. Corinna Jeztsch (Leiden University, Institute of Political Science) will present her recent research on “Security Governance ‘of the People, by the People, for the People’: Auxiliary Forces in Civil War”. The seminar will take place in Wijhaven 3.12A/B at 11:15-12:45.

Detailed information is available here.

Invitation to two lectures on 23 March

On 23 March, two very interesting lectures are organized in the Wijnhaven building. Please check the links below for more information on the speakers and registration.

  1. The lecture by Dr. Dan Schueftan (University of Haifa) on “Israeli National Security”, room 3.46 in Wijhaven on March 23 at 11:15-12:45. The details on this event can be found here.
  2. The lecture by Prof. Fabio Franchino (Università degli Studi di Milano) on “The EU and Its Citizens: Discussing Challenges for the EU”, room 3.18 in Wijnhaven on March 23 at 15:30-17:00. The details on this event can accessed here.