Masterclass on the EU’s medium-term budget with Commissioner Oettinger

  • When: Thursday 18 January from 11.00-12.30 (including a simple lunch). The room is open from 10.30 hrs. There will be no “Leids kwartiertje”. Participation is free.
  • Where: Building De Wijnhaven of Leiden University, room 3.16.
  • How to sign up: please send an email to There is space for 30 participants maximum, on the basis of ‘first come, first served’.

The European Commission is preparing the next multiannual budget framework of the EU (2021-2027). The framework constrains the annual budgets of the Union in that period. This has implications for the adoption of new policies, especially when existing commitments already absorb a part of these resources.
Commissioner Oettinger indicates in a recent blogpost that the “starting point in this debate is that the budget is not an end in itself. It helps us implementing what we want to do. This is why the debate must start with the question how Europe should look like in 2025 or 2030. To help identifying these priorities, I propose a simple test: Does this policy, this instrument provide an EU added value?”

The main question is, what do we want? Do we envision a future European Union in which countries pool their resources on innovation and the development of new technologies in Europe, improve better border protection, or support specific regions through structural funds?

In this Masterclass, Andreas Zenthöfer, Head of the political section of the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands, will briefly present the EU budget, the multiannual framework and some of the main views in the current discussion. Clearly, countries differ with regard to what they would like to contribute to the EU and how they want to spend the common resources.
Commissioner Oettinger will discuss with the participants his views on preparing the next medium-term budget, important political priorities that are currently discussed, but also the ideas, questions and suggestions of participants.

Join us in this exciting Masterclass, organized by Leiden University and the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands.

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