Model World Trade Organization 2017

The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland is in charge of organizing the yearly Model World Trade Organization. Since 1997, the conference has established itself as the biggest simulation of negotiations of the WTO in the world, with the participation of over 60 students and the help of a prestigious advisory board. The seven-day conference takes place in St. Gallen and in Geneva at the Graduate Institute and the WTO headquarters. During the conference the participants will simulate the WTO negotiations in different committees on the overall topic of “WTO and SMEs͟” from the perspective of their assigned country. They will have the chance to speak to the missions of the represented countries as well as network with prominent WTO experts and diplomats.

More information on the weekly outline, the topic and the application process can be found on or on the Facebook page Model WTO (

Deadline 2nd selection round study abroad (university-wide agreements outside of Europe) 30 January 2017

Write down what you want to get out of your time abroad. Working out what you want to achieve will help determine the choices you make. Research your options well, make good arrangements and make sure to consider your study plan carefully. Are you short of funds but still want to go abroad? Then perhaps an exchange programme is best for you. This means you only pay tuition fees to Leiden University.

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Boekpresentatie: Haalt de PvdA 2025?

Is er in de nabije toekomst nog wel plaats voor een politieke partij als de PvdA? Of is haar einde nabij? Moet de PvdA voortmodderen met oude vormen en gedachten, of kan zij als politieke partij zichzelf nog eenmaal opnieuw uitvinden op grond van haar sociaaldemocratische beginselen?

Negen auteurs, waaronder vooraanstaande partijleden en buitenstaanders, buigen zich over de vraag Haalt de PvdA 2025? In hun beschouwingen staat centraal wat het woord sociaaldemocratie anno eenentwintigste eeuw zou kunnen betekenen.

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