Coimbra Group Arenberg Prize

This year, the Coimbra Group organizes the annual Arenberg Prize for students who have been on an Erasmus exchange at one of the Coimbra universities in the years 2013-2015. If you are curious to know what the prize is about and if you are eligible, continue reading….

Coimbra Group Arenberg prize Target group: graduates of a master programme at one of the Coimbra Group Universities (Leiden is a member) who have been on an Erasmus exchange at another Coimbra Group University. Eligible candidates will have obtained their Master degree during the twelve months preceding the application submission deadline (so between 30 November 2015 and 30 November 2016). Prize: € 5.000 Application deadline: 30 November 2016 Apply: Marieke te Booij ( Application documents: Candidates should submit a text in English of a maximum of four pages in which they explain the contents of their Master thesis and demonstrate the added value of their Erasmus exchange to their degree work. Candidates are kindly requested to submit their text together with the template available on this web page.

More information:  where the regulations and application form can be found as well. Please read the regulations carefully!


After the application deadline Leiden University will nominate up to three candidates to the Coimbra Group by 31 January 2017.

The final winner will be announced by the Coimbra Group late April 2017.

If you are interested please apply before 30 November 2016.