EVROPAEVM 2015 Summer School Euroscepticism and Populism

EVROPAEVM 2015 Summer School Euroscepticism and Populism: Understanding the New Politics of Europe

31st August – 5th September 2015 Charles University, Prague

Almost one in four MEPs elected to the European Parliament last year are Eurosceptics. Migration and crypto-nationalism looms large across the Continent – the People’s Party in Denmark, Golden Dawn in Greece, the  Freedom Party in the Netherlands, the Freedom Party in Austria, the Front National in France, UKIP in the UK.  Today, in every EU nation, populist and so-called protest parties are in the ascendancy – fuelled by anti-immigration sentiments, anti-austerity, anti-liberal, anti-Brussels, anti-elite Eurocracy and control, and disenchantment with politics, parties and politicians. Proportional representation and disengagement manifested by. low voter turn-out has boosted such ‘fringe parties’. Euroscepticism has also found a ready target in failures to manage the Eurozone crisis – which has left the so-called PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) reeling with huge debt burden and one in 5 young people out of work, and welfare spending slashed. The crisis has divided Europe economically, socially, culturally and politically. Both the far left and the far right are on the move, and today all these MEPs sit side by side with pro-Europeans changing the style and substance of European politics.. Our 21st annual summer school will explore the rise of populism and Euroscepticism as a new politics of Europe from a multi-disciplinary dimension with our usual mix of expert talks, debates, role-playing, working groups and graduate presentations.

Key questions will include: What do populists have in common ? Do nationalist parties fill the charisma gap in Europe’s politics ?  Are Eurosceptics protesting or do they have a programme ? Where will EU legitimacy come from in future years ? How does the format of European elections encourage protest voting ? What roles is social media playing in the new politics of populism ? Is the new nationalism undermining the European Project ? 

Speakers to include: Dr Jiří Pehe (Director, NYU Prague); Karel Schwarzenberg (former Czech Foreign Minister); Štefan Füle (former, EU Commissioner for Enlargement); Dr Paul Flather (Mansfield College, Oxford); Professor Václav Hampl (Senator on European Affairs, former Rector, Charles University); Dr Tomáš Sedláček (macro-economist, Československá Obchodní Banka); Professor Jan Sokol (former Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University); Dr Janusz Salamon (Politics Institute, Charles University).

The Summer School is open to all Europaeum graduates. All local costs are covered through the Europaeum, but graduates are expected to cover their own travel. We welcome other applicants but they must cover local costs of around €450. To apply, please send a short CV (max. 2 pages), a letter of motivation, and a reference from your supervising professor. Please apply as soon as possible to secure a place. Panel selections will begin from late June. For more contact the Europaeum Office. Deadline for applications:  early August 2015

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