BayreuthInternational Summer School

An unforgettable 2-week summer school experience in Bavaria with our BayreuthInternational Summer School which will take place from 6th to 18th July 2015! As the deadline for registrations (30th April 2015) is approaching, we would like to use this opportunity to inform you that we still have places available .


During our Summer School, your students have the chance to devote around 6 hours each day to theoretical and practice-oriented seminars and discussions (all conducted by internationally renowned guest professors) within three of the key research fields of the University of Bayreuth:


  • Course 1: “New Perspectives on Economic Growth and Development – the Impact of Globalisation on ManagementDuring this summer course, global challenges in economics and management are analysed through a combination of different global perspectives by the faculty from our partner universities.
  • Course 2: “Novel Materials and Technologies for Future Energy SystemsIn this course, students get an insight on important aspects of energy: its efficient conversion, its storage to retain energy, and future trends for polymers.
  • Course 3: “Specters of Violence in Africa and Latin America – Looking behind the ScenesThis course deals with the Boko Haram crisis and its impact on contemporary Islam in West Africa, the African continent today as well as on the African diaspora in Latin America.


In order to better inform your students, we’d be happy to invite them to our webinar session taking place TODAY 14th April 2015 (Tueday) at 4 pm GMT.

Please use the following links for the webinar registration:



You can still do “last minute registrations” using the links above.


For more information on the courses, please see the attached flyer and feel free to contact us anytime at We’d be happy to assist you with any questions or give you more information on the application procedure.